Trotter Construction Company, Inc.  was built with the expertise of experienced construction professionals that represent the most highly qualified individuals. Each member of Trotter Construction prides him or herself on establishing mutually rewarding client-builder relationships and is committed to maintaining these relationships by providing only the most efficient and professional result. With over 100 years combined experience, Trotter Construction works with clients to establish and identify the intricacies of the project at hand, and to provide all the essential items in creating a quality project. Trotter Construction’s project methodologies ensure focused work to provide our clients with enhanced confident solutions.


Trotter Construction’s executive team is comprised of highly talented and experienced individuals that provide expertise, advanced technologies, and innovative cost effective solutions that lead to successful outcomes. These individuals are available to assist in all facets of the job until completion and offer streamlined and advanced solutions for the construction of the project. Our executive team meets every need of its clients' to the best quality, budget and schedule. In utilizing only the highest standards, and the most innovative and sound solutions, our team can create a system of development that will fit the exact needs of the individual project.


Trotter Construction believes in the team approach. The team approach allows us to manage all aspects of the job through creating a multi-disciplined, highly skilled and construction savvy crew that will provide our clients' with nothing but a high-quality outcome. Our operations team's experience in construction management, skill in construction technologies and processes offers tremendous support to the project, client, engineer, architect and team. Working in an industry where teamwork plays a vital role in each project, Trotter Construction considers it essential to present its clients' with team members that can provide management and cooperation to build a great project. Our construction role within the operations team is organized to operate in a management environment that is driven by individuals that are innovative and experienced.


As a full service construction organization, Trotter Construction possesses the in-house abilities to take projects through concept, design, construction, occupancy, and post-construction. In addition to providing traditional construction service, the company also offers specialty pre-construction, value engineering, and consulting services.


Trotter Construction is committed to creating mutually rewarding partnerships by providing exceptional client service, building quality projects, and meeting schedule and budget realities. The result of this commitment is relationships and projects that endure the test of time.